The Challenge at Onion Creek

  • Tournament Status: Complete
  • Women
  • Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, 2013
  • 3 Rounds
  • Hosted by Texas State University @ Austin, TX
  • The Challenge at Onion Creek began in 2007. Former champions of the event include Northwestern, Colorado, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Texas Tech and Gonzaga. The Onion Creek Club has a deep golf history from the Legends of Golf to the LPGA now to a top NCAA event. Tournament rounds typically take just over 4 hours. Round 3 is under way!
BirdieFire Analytics for Live Scoring is only available to Players and Coaches involved in this tournament with a BirdieFire Analytics account

Live Scoring Analysis via BirdieFire Analytics

BirdieFire Analytics breaks this tournament down to show players and coaches how they played each hole compared to the field as well as how they are maintaining 'To Par' pace with the field.

Here they can see which holes they are losing and/or gaining the most strokes compared to the field, allowing them to be better prepared for the next round.